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Our Services

ZNT INTERNATIONAL always implements transport solutions that in the best way meet the customers’ requirements with regards to cost reduction and optimal adjustment of the flow of transported goods. Based on the extensive experience, information technologies, own fleet and proven suppliers of transport services
When designing transport solutions, ZNT INTERNATIONAL focuses not only on optimizing cost and time factors, but also on the impact of transport on the environment. 


Air & Sea Transport
Solutions Cargo Ship

ZNT INTERNATIONAL subcontractors are selected according to the principle of “the highest quality service for our customers“. A full range of customs at airports and sea terminals are carried out, including a simplified procedure at selected locations through certified customs agents so our customers receive their cargo in the shortest time possible.

As part of our air and sea transport services, we offer door / port to port / services as requested by our clients.

Our customers can rely on our support to insure their cargo at very favorable rates and in addition to the full assistance and support of an experienced operational and commercial team.

It’s the rule for us that we choose such transport connections, which most effectively 


Transport Solutions
Rail Transport

Transport solutions are among the essential services provided by our company. ZNT INTERNATIONAL provides both local and Global transport services. The company offers road, railway, air, sea and intermodal transport, including special transport of oversized loads and transport of high-value goods. All these services are offered in import and export regim 
Rail transport belongs irreplaceably to the transport services of ZNT INTERNATIONAL. Rail transport is effective and ecological solution for goods which does not require express transport and for less sensitive goods.
Rail transportation is an important part of project logistics services. With the use of special railway technology, they enable the transport of oversized loads in many cases more efficient, safer and more predictable compared to other modes of transport.
Range of ZNT INTERNATIONAL customers use rail transport services in connection with customs services and warehousing services. 


Special Transport

Projects run under the terms of special transports include
mainly road, railway, naval or inland waterway transport of oversized loads and related handling in ports, export and import administrative procedures, loading and unloading at terminal destinations, use of Ro-Ro transport (ship transport of trucks) and many other important operations. Each business case requires a different way of preparation, management, realization and also selection of the most appropriate way of transport, including possible combinations. 


Customs Clearance

ZNT INTERNATIONAL established the department of customs clearance in 2012. We have gained valuable insights and fundamental know-how in this service and apply these gains continuously to our processes. We have demonstrated a reliable track record not only for our own customers who use our services, but also for the wider portfolio of any business’s end users

We always look for the most efficient “tailor-made” solution in the field of customs clearance for our clients.
We are now able to provide you with our customs services in four locations in the KARACHI, LAHORE, ISLAMABAD & PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN. 

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